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Vertical Wave – Viewpoint Training Videos

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Please see below for quick training videos for your Vertical Wave Viewpoint Software!


Installation and Log In:

How to Install Viewpoint Software on Windows PC:


How to Log In to Viewpoint:


Voicemail Features:

How to retrieve and listen to voicemail messages:


How to access other voicemail mailboxes:


How to forward voicemail messages to another user:


Call Monitor and Call Handling Features:

How to answer and disconnect calls:


How to make a call:


How to place a call on hold:


How to Park a call:


How to Transfer a call:


How to complete a Conference a call:


How to make notes while on a call:


How to manage calls using personal statuses:


How to forward an extension to another extension:


How to change personal status:


How to Instant Message another user:


How to remotely log into Call Monitor:


Contacts Features:

How to add Personal contacts to Viewpoint:


How to add Public contacts to Viewpoint:


How to record the name of a contact:


How to create call rules for a contact:


Call Log Features:

How to view your call log history:

Configuration and Greeting Features:

How to create a personal greeting:


How to create a routing list:


How to create a personal group list:


How to create a public group list:


Reporting Features:

How to find call center reports:

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